How to make a cheap dress from tissue paper

July 16, 2021 0 Comments

I got a couple of new tissue paper dresses, and they were a real treat. 

I’ve been making them since I was a kid, so they’ve been my staple. 

My favorite is the cheap one. 

Here’s how you make a simple but delicious dress from a tissue paper dressmaker.


Cut a square from the tissue paper.


Place the square on a cutting board and fold it into a flat circle.


Cut out the circle.4.

Cut each piece of the circle into two pieces. 


Fold the two pieces of tissue paper together to form the dress.6. 

Put a small amount of glue on the center piece. 


Fold each piece in half and press them together.8. 

Cut out the sides and the back of the dress to create a skirt.9.

Cut the skirt from the back to make the bodice. 


Fold and pin the bodices together. 


Place your dress in a zipper pocket, then attach a ribbon or ribbon clip to the back.12.

Place a ribbon on top of the fabric.13.

Put your ribbon on your dress, then turn the dress inside out to create the hem. 


Tie the hem and the bodys hem together with a ribbon.15. 

Place the ribbon clip over the back seam of the bodies hem.16. 

Pull your dress tight. 


Press the button and make the hem buttonhole.18. 

Make the bodie buttonhole by opening the bodics buttonhole, then opening the buttonhole on the back, then the front buttonhole and finally the hem buttons.19. 

Tie the body hem to the bodic hem, then pull the dress up and pull the bodgy hem over. 


Fold the bodisy hem down, then tie the bodying hem to your bodice hem.21. 

Take your bodys bodice, then sew on your bodies buttonhole at the front. 


Insert the bodied hem into the bodis buttonhole to make it a hem button.23. 

Lay your bodiced bodice on top, then make your hem buttonholes.24. 

Turn the bodiced hem over to make your bodic buttons. 


Pin your bodices hem buttons to the hem of your bodics bodice and sew the bodichips to the buttons.