Vintage dressmaker makes doll with vintage dolls

June 17, 2021 0 Comments

Vintage dressmakers, who make dolls for children, are making their latest dolls for the first time with vintage dolls from their past.

The dolls, dressed in traditional Victorian styles, are in the works at Dressmaker, a boutique that has been selling dolls in a shop in downtown Alexandria, Virginia, since 2008.

The dolls are made with traditional Victorian dolls and dolls made from recycled paper, according to a news release from Dressmaker.

They are all made of recycled cotton and they have been tested for toxicity.

“We had a huge surge in demand for the dolls and we’ve been really pleased with the response,” said dressmaker executive director Kathy Smith.

“Our goal is to make dolls that are more than just dolls.

We want to provide something that people can wear for a lifetime.

They have a sense of ownership.””

We wanted to take our dolls to a whole new level.

We wanted to provide a little bit of history,” she said.

Smith said the dolls are not just dolls, but are also tools for doll-making.

They can be used as an instrument, as a dressmaker can use a doll, or as a doll-maker can make a doll with a doll.

“We wanted the dolls to feel like they were part of the house and part of their family,” Smith said.

The dresses come in sizes from two to five and have a base price of $1,500.

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