New dressmaker reveals ‘tough’ lessons in sewing

August 7, 2021 0 Comments

Shear and die hard designers are no strangers to sewing, and while it may seem daunting, sewing skills are indeed worth it if you can learn how to do it.

“You don’t really have to learn how many stitches you need to use, you can just do it,” says Gher dress maker shears.

“It’s really easy to learn and I would say, if you’re a beginner, it’s very good,” she says.

The dressmaker says she is constantly trying to improve the craft of her creations, from the fabric, to the shaping, to how she holds the fabric up.

“I’ve been learning new techniques and ways to create patterns.

I have a lot of confidence in my sewing.

I’ve been sewing in the past four years.

I would tell my students that they’re better than their parents,” she adds.

But she also admits that the craft isn’t for everyone.

“If you’re really interested in sewing and want to become a master, I recommend you go to a sewing class.

That’s the way to get your feet wet.

There are many different styles and you’ll learn so much more if you just follow a certain pattern,” she said.

She also says that she is not an expert at sewing patterns.

“But if you have a pattern that you want to make, I can sew it.

I just need to get a pattern.

It’s like, ‘How many stitches do I need to put on a dress?'” she says, before showing her patterns.

With her new craft, Gher is also taking a lesson from fashion trends.

“People who are into fashion, who have always wanted to make something their own, they have always made something before, but now they’re just starting to sew it,” she explains.

“This is a very new idea to me.”

Gher says that when she started her sewing career she was very picky about her patterns, which is why she prefers to use fabrics that are made from natural fabrics.

“They are really easy for me to sew and it feels like a natural, warm fabric,” she jokes.

“That’s why I prefer to use cotton instead of wool, because it is softer.”

The young designer has also developed a love for embroidery, but says that is not the only art form she is interested in.

“We have a really big selection of embroideries and I am very into it,” Gher said.

“For example, I would like to do something very fancy, so I would create a lot.

If I want to create something that is very fancy and has a lot more design, I’d like to make a beautiful dress with some gold or a jewel,” she explained.


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