When to cut a dress: How much is too much?

August 9, 2021 0 Comments

Freehand cutting is a cutting technique used for fabric cutting in dressmaking and it is often considered to be a basic technique.

However, the research suggests it can be a good option for those who want a more traditional cut. 

Dr Laura Glynn from the University of Queensland says there is a wide range of styles of dressmaking dress that can be made with freehand techniques, from traditional cuts to more contemporary patterns.

“Freehand cutting has been practised in Australia for a long time and is a very common practice in dress making,” she said.

“It has an air of precision and control that is something that is very appealing to some.”

But when you do it right it can also be a very complicated technique that can take a while.

“Dr Glynn said it was common for a dressmaker to spend a couple of weeks working on a design and then cut it once they had finished the dress, adding there was no need to get too creative with the dress.”

The main thing that you want to be able to do with this is you want it to be very simple and to be simple but you want the fabric to be as close to the dress as possible,” she explained.”

For this to work you need to be aware of the dimensions and the fabric and the design.

“Dr Laura says dressmaking dresses can be very delicate and delicate designs need to adhere to strict design guidelines.”

Dresses can be quite delicate,” she added.”

And the more you use your hands the more the fabric will fray.

“You need to take a few extra precautions, like using a small sewing needle and a very small stitch to hold the fabric in place.”

If you want more information on dressmaking techniques, read our full article on how to dressdress.com.au.

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