The BBC’s Sally Davies: ‘My favourite thing to do on this journey was to sit down with Sally’

My favourite thing for Sally to do when she came home from her trip to New Zealand was to do a little dressing up.

It was always fun to have someone else do it for me.

I was a little embarrassed when I did the first dressmakers dress because it was a really weird thing to wear.

But Sally said it was so easy and she loved doing it with me.

I love Sally’s dressmaking skills.

She has done so many dresses for me and she always takes pride in them.

I also love her ability to create a beautiful, simple dress from scratch.

She’s always got the right amount of creativity.

She said: ‘I think Sally’s got the most beautiful dresses I’ve ever seen.’

Sally is also a great listener.

She is very open and willing to help anyone who needs advice.

‘I can listen to anything,’ she said.

‘If you need advice I can be there to listen to it.

I love talking to people about their journey and it’s great that Sally helps me with that too.’

I can tell you a lot about Sally because she is always so open to help me.

‘Sometimes I feel like Sally is just a little bit different and I feel sorry for her, but I’m just happy for her.’

What is it like to work with Sally Lincoln?

Sally was the first woman to make a dress for me when I was just 11 years old.

She was also the first to make my wedding dress.

‘The dress you’re about to see is from Sally’s collection, but it was done by her sister,’ she explained.

‘We made the dress for our wedding for two reasons.

One, because we loved Sally’s dresses and we loved the way they look, so we made them.

Two, Sally has her own wedding dress that she’s made, so she was very proud of that.

She also wanted to do something special for me, so I got a pair of the dress that Sally had made.

‘It’s beautiful.

It’s very delicate, very delicate.

It looks like a wedding dress but I love how the back is made up of little details and I love the detail on the back.’

It was very special.

It took her a lot of time to make it, but she was really patient with me, and then she was ready to go on with it.

She said: I’m very proud that I made Sally’s wedding dress for her because she was so beautiful and so happy.

She looked amazing in it and she had a lovely dress, which she gave me to wear as a gift.’

She’s been so supportive.

She told me to make the dress as big as I can, so when I came home, I didn’t have to worry about it and it was beautiful.’

The wedding dress was the biggest one, and I think it’s the biggest she’s ever made.’

There are other dresses she’s had made, but the one she’s given me is the biggest.

‘It’s got this very nice skirt, and there’s a lot on the sides.

The dress is a bit of a work of art, but for Sally, it’s really beautiful.

‘She’s done a lot, and she’s so proud of it.’