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A dressmaker on the site has suggested how to find your best suit at the online retailer’s online store.

A link to a dressmaker’s website on the page for a dress has been taken down.

The dressmaker wrote in an article that the answer is in “how to find the best dress for you”.

The dress maker said that it was a “challenge” to find a suit that is “perfect for you”, and that “some dresses are perfect for someone else”.

The article also asked “what do you think about a dressmakers style?

Are you more of a designer, or a dress maker?”

The answer to that is the answer to a question.

It said that dressmakers have “difficulties” with what suits a certain body type, but that there is “no right or wrong” style for anyone.

It goes on to explain how to determine a dress’s fit, which is “very important”.

Amazon has previously said that “the dressmaker has a very detailed design on their website, which we think is great for people to learn about”.

The company has also said that there are “no restrictions” on dressmaking in India, and that it is “always open for suggestions from customers”.