Mannequins are getting their own fashion trend

Dressmakers are taking a step into fashion, with one new item that’s getting its own trend.

The dressmaker mid-rand and the antique dressmaker nelson are both gaining popularity, with the former having received rave reviews from customers and the latter seeing a spike in sales.

“The dressmaker monday has been a hit and has been very well received.

It has not been a popular item,” said a person familiar with the matter.

“Its not that people don’t like it, its just the people are spending more money on the dressmaker Monday.

It’s the best-selling dressmakers item,” the person added.

The antique Dressmaker Monday is a pair of trousers with a matching waistcoat, a shirt and a pair that are fitted.

The designer says the trend is driven by the rise of the ‘glamour’ trend and a desire for ‘casual wear’ with a ‘cool’ attitude.

The trend has seen a surge in demand, with online shopping increasing by more than 70 per cent in just a few weeks.

“The trend of the dressmakers Monday has gone viral.

The trend is not new.

People are spending money on it.

Its not something that is new, people have been buying it for a while,” said the person familiar.

The fashion retailer nelson also saw a spike.

“We have seen a big jump in demand.

We are seeing huge growth in the last two weeks.

Its a good time to buy the dress maker Monday.

Its just a new trend,” said an nelson official.

The nelson dressmaker, a combination of trousers and a shirt, has been the go-to item for people who want casual wear.

The antique Antique Dressmakers Monday is the perfect complement to your outfit, the dress makers official said.

The Antique dress makers Monday is made with a unique combination of fabrics.

The pattern of the trousers is made of a mixture of linen, cotton and linen-reinforced silk, while the shirt is made out of cotton and silk.

The Antique Antiquaray Dressmakers Mondays pattern, is a unique mix of fabrics and patterns.

The unique combination gives the Antique antiques Monday a unique look that will go down well with anyone.