New dressmaker, Dressmaker stand open for business

A dressmaker in Wellington has opened for business after the company was shut down.

Key points:The company was founded in 2014 by Daniel Stirling and Daniel Kishan The company was originally based in the Wellington CBD and now operates out of a rented space in the CBDThe company’s website says it’s focused on “creating beautiful and affordable dresses and accessories for the modern woman”The company is based in Auckland’s CBD and is the latest in a growing range of business in the area.

“We have been providing the world’s most affordable dressmaking service for over a decade, and are proud to announce we have been opened for the business,” Daniel Stirlings said.

“It’s been a dream of mine to open a business in Wellington and I am incredibly excited to have this opportunity to bring the dressmaking experience to the city.”

As a boutique owner and dressmaker myself, I have always loved Wellington and want to help make it even better for everyone who loves it.

“The company has a website that says it was founded by Daniel Kischan and Daniel Stirthings in 2014.”

I am delighted to be opening a business here in Wellington,” Mr Stirling said.

The Wellington CBD is a vibrant, vibrant city and we want to be the best place to live, work and play.

I am very excited to partner with a leading local and international fashion and fashion-forward company in this area.”

The dressmaker website says its focus is “creates beautiful and accessible dressmaking services for the Modern Woman”.

“We strive to offer a wide range of unique designs, styles and services, from our signature classic dressmaking to contemporary, contemporary and contemporary inspired garments.”

Our team has a passion for creating great quality, fashionable and affordable dressworks for women and men alike.

“This will be the company’s first business venture in Wellington.”

Mr Stirling also said the company would be able to attract business from as far afield as Melbourne, New York, Paris and London.

“All our dresses will be manufactured in the state of New Zealand and we will be able export and re-export our designs overseas,” he said.’

We are thrilled to be open’The company will operate out of an existing space at the CBD’s The Hotel, where the dressmaker and his business partner have a lease for the space.

“The Hotel is a very special place for me, as my wife and I have been together for over ten years, we have four lovely children, two wonderful dogs and we have a fantastic relationship,” Mr Kishanian said.

He said his business was not only about providing the best dressmaking, but also providing a platform for women to express themselves, as well as an opportunity to build new businesses.

“Through our partnership, we will expand our business in New Zealand, which is the most beautiful country in the world, and expand our international footprint, which includes Australia and the United Kingdom,” he added.

“Being able to bring in new business to the area, and create new opportunities for young people, and bring back the old to the forefront of the New Zealand fashion industry, will be a great experience for Wellington.”


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