When you can’t afford to buy a new dressmaker in Vancouver, this one’s cheap

The Vancouver-based dressmaker that was sold to the Canadian online fashion site Zara has been found to be selling cheap dressmaking services to overseas clients, a new investigation has found.

The company, which is best known for its vintage and vintage-inspired clothing, had been making dressmaking in Vancouver for years, but the Canadian company behind it, Cheap DressMaker, has been selling its services to the online fashion platform Zara.

Cheap Dress Maker has not responded to requests for comment from Global News.

Zara’s website states that Cheap Dressmaker is “a full-service dressmaking company that specializes in high-quality dresses that you can wear in any season and any style.

We have been serving customers in the U.S. and abroad since 2003.”

The company’s website describes its service as “all-inclusive” and says that the dressmaker’s service includes “dress-making, sewing, sewing machine, cutting, and finishing services.”

The company claims to be “the largest online dressmaker service provider in Canada.”

However, Zara’s “Fashion & Style” section on its website lists a dressmaker named “Vancouver” as its location.

Zara claims that it is based in Vancouver.

The Vancouver-area dressmaker says it has no affiliation with Zara or Cheap Dress, and does not list a Vancouver address on its business cards.

“We are based in the US, which allows us to provide service in a much larger geographic area than we would in Vancouver,” a spokesperson for the company told Global News in an email.

The spokesperson said that it does not disclose the location of its Vancouver headquarters, and would only say that it was based in Toronto.

The Canadian dressmaker was also found to have been selling “dressmaking services” to the company that is owned by the same company that owns Zara, which was sold by the Chinese online retailer Taobao to Alibaba in January.

Taobo and Alibaba declined to comment on the latest allegations.

The Zara website listed the location as being in Vancouver’s east side, but it’s unclear where the company’s Vancouver headquarters is.

The same address has been listed for Zara by Cheap Dress maker for years.

In addition to the Vancouver location, Cheap Dance also lists a Vancouver location for its Toronto, Montreal, and Edmonton offices.

However, Cheap Drink Maker did not list an office address in Canada in its “About Us” page on its Vancouver website.ZARA has previously told Global TV that it’s selling services in Canada, the U!

States, Europe, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand.

Zarah has previously said that its Vancouver office is located in Canada.

Cheap Dance’s Vancouver office was previously located in Toronto, but its website says it is currently based in a “new, state-of-the-art office building in Vancouver” in Victoria.

Zahara’s Vancouver location was also listed for Cheap Dress makers Toronto and Montreal.

However Zara said that Zarah has not listed an office in Canada since 2015.

Global News has reached out to Cheap Dress brand for comment.