Gold Coast fashion brand dressmaker is ready to roll up her sleeves

Gold Coast Fashion Company (GFCF) dressmaker Kate Clements has announced plans to launch a new line of clothes in 2019.

Kate Clements (right) has launched a line of dressmakers dresses in the city of Brisbane.

Photo: Supplied”In 2019, I will be opening my new line, Gold Coast, with the intention of introducing my expertise in modern and contemporary design and fashion into a new market,” she said.

“With my experience in Brisbane and my knowledge of modern and vintage design, I know the design of my gowns and shoes can be incredibly beautiful.”

I look forward to sharing my expertise with a younger generation of designers and designers in the Brisbane fashion industry.

“The GFCF line will include the popular, timeless designs, including the classic, slim cut dress, the classic lace dress and the modern slim cut gown.”

These are all timeless styles that we feel are a great representation of my passion for dressmaking and creating the finest gowns in the world,” Ms Clements said.

Ms Clements also plans to produce gowns with unique designs, and special accessories, which will be available through her website.

She said she would be bringing her expertise and skills to the business, and that she would also be bringing a variety of experience and experience of other designers.”

As an experienced dressmaker, I am confident that I can deliver a range of gowns that are a fantastic representation of the creativity of my style and the work I have done for Gold Coast’s dressmakers over the years,” she added.

The Gold Coast is a city of over 200,000 people in Queensland, and one of the fastest growing cities in the country.

It has attracted international attention with the recent launch of the city’s first ever ‘Made in Brisbane’ festival, and is home to some of the world’s biggest names in fashion, fashion design and technology.

Ms Manners’ Gold Coast-based company is owned by Mr Manners and his wife, Julie Manners, and has been in business since 2014.

It was the launch of Ms Cules’ gowns last year that brought her into the spotlight.”

The dress I’m wearing today is from my wedding day dress.

It’s the very first gown I ever made,” she explained.”

For me, it’s very personal, it really represents my love of my bride and the way we have lived together as a family for many years.

“Ms Coolsons wedding gown cost $1,250 and she said she had not been paid for it.”

It was my own idea.

I had no idea it was going to sell like it did.

“You can’t go into a dressshop in Brisbane to ask for the price of a dress that’s worth $1.5 million,” she told ABC Radio Brisbane.

“And when I walked in there, I said ‘what are you doing here?'”

Kate Coolson and Julie Moolsons Gold Coast wedding gown, from the wedding dress to the accessories.

Photo by Kate Coolss.

“They were really excited and very surprised and they were really supportive.

I couldn’t be more excited to be doing this for them.”

Ms Moolson said the couple were very proud of their gowns.

The dress was one of a series of gown she has made for wedding receptions, weddings and other occasions.

“There’s nothing quite like having someone tell you they love your gown, but you’re not quite sure who they are, or who it is they’re talking about,” she shared.

“But you can’t really know that.

You just have to trust them and say ‘I love this gown’.”

I think this gown represents the best of the wedding season, and hopefully the whole city can get behind it.

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