How to make dressmaking needles in this handy guide

Klasse dressmakers, or klasses, have long been used as a craft, and a hobby, for some.

They are made from cotton thread and a combination of glue and glue sticks, as well as cotton thread to create a knot.

The needles are used to stitch, knot, thread a pattern onto a garment, or create decorative or decorative bits on the needlework.

But the needle work is not done without some skill.

To make a klass, you’ll need: a small knife or a sewing machine The yarn that you’ll be using to knit the klassy pattern The thread for the knitted klasso (you’ll use the thread from your crochet hook, if you have one) An iron and a few needles You can also make your own klassing needles, but those can be tricky.

You can find them on eBay or through online retailers.

You’ll need a small sharp knife to cut the yarn, but you can use a metal scraper or a wire cutter.

For a more detailed tutorial on making your own needles, check out the video above.