Why I dress up as a ghost in a dressmaking supply shop

When a friend suggested a new dressmaking outfit for me, I thought, this is going to be fun! 

The first thing I thought was, “what’s the point?

Why dress up like a ghost?” 

And then I realised I wasn’t dressed up in a costume. 

I wore my favourite dresses and I made a list of all the things I needed to make the dress I wanted. 

And I wore it with my friends, with family and with people I was looking up to, because I’m a fan of the idea of dressing up in something that people love. 

When you’re dressing up like someone else, you’re not being yourself, you don’t feel like you’re going to make a mistake and you know you’re good at what you do.

So I was really happy about that dress and I think it’s made me feel more confident about the things that I do and the things my family and I do.