Which dressmaker’s elastic can withstand a full-on blowout?

Dressmaker in Manila, Philippines, has announced a new design that can withstand even a full blowout.

The company announced on Friday that it has released a new elastic designed for men that has been designed to fit around the torso, which can withstand up to a full on blowout if the wearer is wearing a loose fitting shirt.

The new elastic has a soft-touch fabric that is comfortable for men who are not prone to sweating, as well as those who have long hair.

“We have tried to improve on the original elastic, which is still made by men’s brands,” the company said on its website.

“We have taken the time to redesign the elastic to give it a softer touch.”

The company is selling the elastic for around P1,000 (US$1.20) per pair.

“The new, softer elastic is much better than the original,” the brand said in a statement.

“Its elastic is more soft and the texture of the fabric feels a lot softer.”

The new model is not the first time the company has released an elastic to accommodate a blowout, as it previously released a soft elastic for men.

The elastic is made of a blend of polyester, silk, and nylon.

It is currently available in the size 32-34, and is expected to be discontinued in January.