Which dressmakers are making the most online?

TORONTO (AP) A top online dressmaker is selling hundreds of thousands of dresses a month online, a new study shows.

Dressmaker Toronto’s online dress-making course is one of the fastest growing business online, with customers buying more than $300 million worth of dressmaking dresses every month, according to research firm Zagat.

The company, which also operates a fashion-design business, also has a dress-printing and other online business.

Zagat says the dress-maker’s online business is now worth more than it was when it started in 2009, a figure that is a significant milestone for a business that started as a clothing shop and then moved to online business in 2008.

Zachary Taylor, who runs the online dress making company, says the number of dress orders he’s receiving has doubled each year.

Taylor says he started the company to get around the difficulty of finding dressmakers in Toronto, and that online dressmakers have been able to help him with the work that comes along with that.

Taylor said he thinks the rise of online dress makers has been fueled by a desire for customization.

Many online dress orders are custom made by women who don’t typically buy dresses, and many online dress sales have been driven by women looking for more traditional styles, such as a blouse or skirt, said Taylor, 26, a former sales manager at a Toronto clothing store.

Some of the more traditional online dress companies that have taken off include Aveda, Gildan Activewear, Forever 21 and Ralph Lauren.

Taylor’s dress-dealing business was started in 2008 and has since grown into a clothing store and online business with more than 1,300 dresses sold annually.

Taylor said he now has more than 3,000 dresses that he sells through the online company, all of which are designed by other online dress sellers.