Which vintage dressmakers have a new doll in their collection?

Vintage dressmakers may not be the only ones who are looking to the future.

They may also have a doll in the works.

The dressmakers at the Elizabeth and Thomas Dressmaker in downtown London, Ont., are looking for an “extraordinary doll” that will “provide a fresh perspective on our traditional heritage.”

A doll is an item that can be used to recreate an item, such as an old dress or a vintage wig, that has passed through many hands and has become lost in time.

The doll will come in a variety of styles, from simple to elaborate.

The doll will not have to be a vintage doll, but it will need to be one that is “fantastic and unique,” said dressmaker Catherine Egan.

For her, the doll will be a “new addition to our collection.”

Egan said she has a couple of ideas.

One is to use it for a vintage style gown.

But the other is to recreate the look of a dress in a modern day style.

Egan said the dressmaker is looking for someone who is “a bit of a modernist and a bit of an art collector.”

She said the doll is going to be something that is meant to be unique and something that “seems timeless.”

For now, Egan and her husband are just happy to have the doll in her shop.

She said it will be used for “the next few years” before they can do anything with it.