When a wedding dress maker is in business for life

Chicago-based Chloé and Sons is one of the biggest players in the wedding dress business.

The family-owned company, which is also known as Chloes, was founded in 1908 by its founder, Robert Chloë.

Since then, Chloès has expanded to include a range of bridal and accessories lines, including the signature Chloebar gowns.

Today, Chloes has more than 300 stores in the United States and Canada. 

The Chloewes have more than 60 years of combined experience in the industry, including nearly 20 years of design and manufacturing for the industry’s top brands, including Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, Burberry and more. 

In addition to designing and manufacturing the bridal gowns for the brands, Chloe’s daughter, Heather, has been an active contributor to the company’s mission.

“She is our founder, the CEO and the brains behind the whole thing,” said a Chloemes spokesperson.

“We have seen her become a big part of the company as it has grown.” 

In 2008, the Chloe family purchased Chloés, Inc. for $2.2 billion.

Chloe is also a founding partner of the Center for Entrepreneurship at Harvard Business School.

The Center is a private, non-profit organization focused on creating new entrepreneurs in the technology and innovation industries. 

When the Chloe family started the Chloe & Bong campaign, they had a vision of building a company that would create new products for a very specific clientele: young women who wanted a more chic and modern dress for their wedding. 

As part of their mission, the campaign created a campaign called The Chloenette Project that featured a variety of styles from different designers, including Chloette, Bong, Lace and more to be showcased.

The campaign was so successful that in 2016, ChLOE began marketing the ChLoenette collection as a limited-edition line that included the ChLOe Chloena Bridal Dress and Chloene Bridal Tie.

The Chlohes have also created a line of clothing for their customers, such as the ChLoé Lace Dress for men and the ChHOOLE ChloE Lace T-Shirt for women.

“Chloé is so dedicated to bringing the best of our company’s vision to our customers and making them proud,” said Chloie.

“They have a huge influence on our customers.

We are lucky to have their vision and vision as partners.” 

When asked if she was worried about losing her position as a top brand owner, Chlonie replied, “I’m not worried at all.” 

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