Sushi Shops: A guide to local sushi shops in Nova Scotia

July 9, 2021 0 Comments

In this Feb. 24, 2021 file photo, sushi is shown on the menu at Shukan sushi restaurant in Halifax, N.S. (Mark Blinch/The Canadian Press via AP) The new provincial government has announced a new initiative to boost tourism in Nova Scotia by opening more tourist-friendly destinations in the province, including some tourist-oriented hotels.

The new Nova Scotia Tourism Strategy is a six-year strategy that will be implemented by the Nova Scotia Chamber of Commerce, Tourism Nova Scotia and Tourism Canada.

The province will also be focusing its efforts on enhancing visitor experiences, particularly in areas of the province with a large Japanese population.

The Strategy will focus on four areas: tourism, culture, tourism and recreation.

The province will launch the strategy with a two-day exhibition, with a number of new exhibits.

The first of these is the first-ever showcase of Japanese-Canadian restaurants and shops.

The exhibition will showcase Japanese-owned Japanese restaurants in Halifax and Prince Edward Island, along with the newest Japanese-style sushi restaurants in Canada.

The second exhibit will highlight the vibrant community of sushi chefs, as well as the people and businesses who are supporting this community.

This includes the many chefs, sushi bar owners and owners of Japanese restaurants, and restaurants that cater to Japanese families.

The third exhibit will be an opportunity to learn about the unique challenges Japanese-Canadians face in this area.

The exhibit will provide an opportunity for people to meet with Japanese-canadians, learn about their community and learn more about the challenges faced by Japanese-CANADIAN Canadians.

The fourth exhibit will showcase the many cultural aspects of Japanese culture in Nova Shores.

This exhibit will include a wide variety of Japanese cultural artifacts, as the exhibit is designed to provide an intimate and personal experience for visitors to share.

The strategy also includes new exhibits on food and wine, Japanese-made jewelry, and Japanese-themed restaurants and cafes.


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