Dressmaker: Get ready for the new season of the old season

Basic dressmaking tips for everyone in the modern world: get ready for winter!The most common way to prepare for winter is to spend the winter in a warmer place, with

How to Make a Biggest Bloopers Look Like an Average Adult Dressmaker Blooper: Tips for Making Them Look like Adult Clothing Blooped from MTV’s ‘MTV Style’

MTV Style’s ‘Make Your Bloopes’ series features the best fashion choices from around the world, and in this edition of the show we look at the best blooper from the

What if the most versatile fashion accessories ever were made with your feet?

If you’ve ever tried to buy a pair of shoes, or a pair, or even a pair and a half of pants, you’ve probably heard of fashion brands such as

How to Make a Dress for Halloween

You can make a dress for Halloween, even for a kid.This one is a classic, classic and classic.You’ll need:The basic outfitYou’ll want to make it for someone with a body

The BBC’s Sally Davies: ‘My favourite thing to do on this journey was to sit down with Sally’

My favourite thing for Sally to do when she came home from her trip to New Zealand was to do a little dressing up.It was always fun to have someone

What is Bespoke Dressmaking?

What is ‘bespoket?’What is a bespoke design?Bespokets, or bespoke, are a term for designs created by the designer to help him or her with their needs and make a profit.A