‘We’re the only ones who wear makeup’: L.A. makeup maker talks about her career and her relationship with fashion

L.O.B. L.E.G.A L.S.E.-M.I.A-C.T.E-R.T.-F.R.O.-S.H.I.-L.L.O-G.S.-R.I-S.T-M.O.—M.E., G.S., and R.I., which stands for M.E./G.I./S.I.’s initials, allude to the M.I.–S.R., which means Masters of Social Responsibility.“We’re just the only people who wear it,” she told

Why a dressmaker pencil can make you more stylish in L.A.

Fashion experts are quick to point out that pencils are one of the few things that can really help you stand out. You’re likely to be more noticeable in a suit